A great selection of rocket packs containing smaller rockets with up to 20g of powder and a variety of effects.

                  Licence to all year round sales.

NOTE: All fireworks can ONLY be purchased in store and not online/via a phonecall. 

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    Pack of 4,

    Huge size and good performance.

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  2. Typhoon  (Single Roket)

    Typhoon (Single Roket)

    A  super single rocket with good effect and a popular price.

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  3. Big Mama  (Single Rocket)

    Big Mama (Single Rocket)

    A real eye catcher both under the counter and in the sky.

    single rocket


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  4. Moonracker (Rockets)

    Moonracker (Rockets)

    Pack of 10

    Great value, and good performants rockets.

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  5. Mission to Mars (Rockets)

    Mission to Mars (Rockets)

    Pack of 16

    16 Top value rockets all the rockets you need in one sleeve.


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  6. Gemini Double break (single Rocket)

    Gemini Double break (single Rocket)

    Double performance from this top quality rocket as it bursts twice in a variety of effects.

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  7. Tomahawke Extreme Rockets

    Tomahawke Extreme Rockets

    Pack of 9

    Fantastic choice of effects and colours

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  8. Screaming Eagles Rocket

    Screaming Eagles Rocket

    Great single rocket, Comet tailed whistling rocket with brocade burst. Learn More
  9. Orbiter Rockets

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