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Balloon gas

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The best way to display balloons is by using helium gas to make them float. You can hire a cylinder to inflate as few as 100 balloons or if you need only a few balloons for a party.
A credit card number will be required on collection of the cylinder as a deposit. Cylinders are normally returned within 5 days – extended rental is charged per month or part thereof. Balloon gas cylinders can only be collected from our stop in Carshalton.

It is important to note that our cylinder capacities are stated in relation to a 10” balloon. A 12” balloon will hold almost twice the volume of gas as a 10” balloon  e.g. a ‘V’ cylinder will inflate 200 x 10” balloons but only 125 x 12” balloons.
Please also note – in relation to cylinder capacities – that the capacity stated against each size is a maximum as there will undoubtedly be some wastage.
Latex balloons will only stay afloat with Helium Gas for about 12 hours
We do not fill balloons with helium that are purchased from outside our shop.