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Balloons are the universal symbol of any party or event and we have a massive selection of balloons for literally every occasion. The most effective way of brightening up any event is by using balloons. Whether you’re decorating a room, a field or using them for a balloon race; Party Plus-SM5 have every type of balloon you might need.

We will no longer be filling helium balloons that not purchase from our shop.

Please remember Latex / Rubber Balloons will only float for 10-15  HOURS        All Foil Balloons Will Float For 3-5 DAYS

NOTE: Latex Balloons: Floating time: 15 hours. We can add Hi-Float (makes the balloon last an extra 3-4 days), which will cost an EXTRA 25p per balloon.

NOTE; For large balloon orders, Please bring a duvet cover to help transport the balloons easily as, WE DO NOT PROVIDE PLASTIC BAGS FOR THESE BALLOONS.