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Foil balloons

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The most effective way of brightening up any event is by using balloons. Whether you’re decorating a room or field or using them for a balloon race, Party Plus have every type of balloon at a competitive price.
Why not visit  our shop and see for yourself the fantastic huge range of balloons and accessories we stock.

We will no longer be filling helium balloons that not purchase from our shop.
12″ Plain colour Latex £1.75 Filled with Helium & ribbons.
12″ Printed Latex £1.99 Filled with Helium & ribbons
18″ Plain Foil £3.99 Filled with Helium & Ribbons
18″ Printed Foil £4.50 Filled with Helium & Ribbon

18″ Licence children foil £4.99 Filled with Helium & Ribbon
34″ Large Number Foil £8.99 Filled with Helium & Ribbon.

28″ Jointed Number Foil £13.99 Filled with Helium & Ribbon.

Please remember Latex / Rubber Balloons will only float for 10-15 HOURS

All Foil Balloons Will Float For 3-5 DAYS

NOTE; For large balloon orders, Please bring a duvet cover to help transport the balloons easily as, WE DO NOT PROVIDE PLASTIC BAGS FOR THESE BALLOONS.