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Draw Tickets

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There is no doubting that for any fundraising organisation, draw tickets are the best way to make money.
All you need to do is register with your local Council, contact us for an order form, send it back and wait about 2 weeks for delivery.
You don’t even have to pay until you receive them! If your are lucky enough to have sponsors for your prizes, for an outlay of only £100.60 for 5000 tickets, to be sold at 25p each, you can make a profit of over £1100 (less your prize fund). How else could you make this much money so easily?
If you have any questions regarding draw tickets, or would like to receive a price list and order form please telephone one of our knowledgeable staff or e-mail us at contact@partyplus-sm5.co.uk
All draw ticket orders should be sent to our shop.
Please give us a call on (020) 8647 2964 where we will have all your details from last year. Remember we will happily send to any address (where someone is in during the day) at no extra cost.

Please Download PDF Draw Tickets Form